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Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Oxford Street Lush Haul

You may or may not know that a couple of months ago I moved to London for University. As you can imagine this has been an exciting, scary and hectic process. There are so many things I love about London - the beautiful Christmas lights, the delicious food markets and of course the Oxford Street Lush Store.

The Lush flagship store is three floors of heaven. There are rows upon rows of bath bombs, bubble bars, face masks, soaps and shower gels. It is a beauty bloggers dream. The gorgeous girl serving me also told me that they recently won an award for the best looking store (and I can understand why). 
Obviously at university I don't have a bath so previously I'd only allowed myself to window shop and lust after all the goodies. However being home for a week meant that I could finally treat myself to a few things and actually be able to use them.

Most of the things I got were from their Christmas collection because no one does the holidays quite like lush, but I also picked up a bath bomb that's exclusive to the Oxford Street store. 

Shoot For the Stars £3.65
This is one of my absolute favourites from Lush. It's not a particularly Christmassy scent but it's delicious regardless. It smells incredibly similar to the Honey I Washed the Kids Soap, another favourite of mine. It's sweet but not too sickly. 10/10 - would recommend. 

Five Gold Rings £4.95
If you're not a fan of glitter filled bath then these definitely aren't for you. However, if you can bear the aftermath, they are gorgeous. Honestly the smell of these isn't very strong and I can't quite put my finger on what it is (helpful I know). This might perhaps be a good one for those who generally find Lush's scents far too overpowering.

The Experimenter £3.95
This has to be my most exciting purchase. The Experimenter consists of every colour under the sun with a dose of popping candy for good measure. The scent is deeper than a lot of their other products, being almost reminiscent of aftershave, but is nonetheless is lovely.

Candy Mountain £2.95
I couldn't let Christmas pass without purchasing one of these. Similar to Lush's 'Creamy Candy' or 'Rock Star', this is incredibly sweet. That being said I still very much enjoy it and don't find it quite as sickening as 'Snow Fairy', which even I admit can be a bit much.

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!

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