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Wednesday, 21 September 2016

7 Tips for Moving to London

Moving to London is all kinds of exciting. It's an incredible city with loads to offer. There are so many beautiful streets to wander along, pretty parks to play in and historic sights to see.  That being said it can always be a bit scary moving somewhere new, particularly if you're leaving a quiet town life for the big city. There are a few things that I think could be really useful to know when you first move to this crazy beautiful place.

1. City Mapper Will Save Your Life (Multiple Times)
One of my friends doesn't have this app and I often wonder how on earth she gets by. You input any location you like and it'll show you all the ways of getting there. It's particularly useful if you're new to the tube because it tells you which line to take and where to get off. Don't worry if you get into a bit of a fluster the first few times you use the underground. You'll soon get used to it and find it isn't nearly as complicated as it looks.

2. The Bus < The Tube 
Although I love the tube I think it can be a great idea when you first move here to use the bus a little more. As it's not buried deep underground you can actually see where you're going and get a better feel of the geography. It gives you more of a sense of where you are in relation to everything around you. It's also only £1.50 per ride so cheaper than the tube as well! 

3. Walking Tours aren't just for Tourists
This might sound a bit odd and you will probably be accompanied only by tourists. Walking tours are a great way to find out more about your local area and everything in it. The tour guides are also pretty good people to ask general questions like where can you get the best cocktails/coffee/Chinese takeaway. 

4. Discounted Suff Is Always Good 
The app Fever shows you what's going on in London and often gives you discounted prices. From cheap eats to theatre tickets, if you're ever bored, it's got you sorted. 

5. It Takes a Long Time to Get Anywhere
London is big and so it always seems to take longer to get places than you'd initially expect. In fact often it can be just as quick to walk somewhere as taking the tube. Make sure you give yourself plenty of time if you need to be somewhere. 

6. Direct Debit Oyster Cards Are The One 
Oyster cards are used to get on the tube and buses (you can't buy a ticket on the bus). You can get these at lots of shops and all tube stations. A lot of people use a pay as you go system which can be good if you're partial to losing things (like me). However you can also set up a direct debit where it will automatically top itself up once you've run out of money on it. This means you never have to worry about not having money on there and saves you from waiting in long lines to top it up. 

7. Get Excited!
London is incredible so let it steal your heart. Make sure you try everything it has to offer. Go on a red bus tour. Visit museums and galleries. Take a walk in the beautiful parks. Enjoy yourself!


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