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Monday, 28 November 2016

21 Things I've Learned in 21 Years

21 Things I've Learned in 21 Years

This past week I've been indulging in a 21st birthday extravaganza. That means bottomless prosecco, lunches in Chelsea, ice skating in Hyde Park and a hell of a lot of cake. Having stretched my birthday out over a full week, I've had a lot of time to think about all the things I've gained in the past twenty one years; some great friends, a bit of weight and a lot of knowledge. I thought I'd list the things that I've learnt so far in my little life that have stood out to me as important so that you can either laugh along or at least avoid making similar mistakes. Without further ado, here are the 21 things I've learned in 21 years.

21 Things I Learned in 21 Years

  1. Experiences are better than things - memories of cycling the Golden Gate Bridge and skiing black slopes with friends are worth more than shoes and handbags.
  2. You can never do enough reading - it's good for the soul
  3. Politics is for everyone - it isn't some complicated idea that is completely out of your grasp, it has an effect on your life and you should care about it
  4. Fake it until you make it - pretend you know exactly what you're doing and eventually you will
  5. Hard work pays off - you won't regret putting in the extra effort
  6. Follow dreams, not boys - 3.5 million boys in the world and some opportunities are 1 in a million
  7. You're not as fat as you think you are (and it doesn't matter if you are) - you weren't fat when you were 15 and you're not fat now, give yourself a break
  8. Blood is thicker than water - family are a godsend, spend time with them
  9. The little things are really the big things - those little moments of everyday life add up to make the big things
  10. If you're not head over heels in love, don't waste your time - don't spend precious time with a person who doesn't make your heart do somersaults
  11. A law degree is never a good idea - it is not the same as legally blonde, you are not going to be the next Elle Woods
  12. Stop doing things you hate - rowing is not for you. Give it up.
  13. Don't let your 14 year old sister dye your hair for you - just go to a bloody professional Emma
  14. Drink more water - Obvious but necessary
  15. Say I love you every single day - say it to you boyfriend, your best friend, your mum, your dog, your DPD delivery guy
  16. Don't get back with an ex - you broke up for a reason. Move on.
  17. 8 vodka shots in a row is not a good idea - you'll regret it all night long when you're sleeping with your face on the toilet
  18. Don't get a fringe - the pictures will haunt you for the rest of your life 
  19. Quality over quantity in friends - it's nice to have a lot of friends but it's nicer to have ones that will be there no matter what
  20. It's okay to ask for help - you don't have to pretend you are 100% together 100% of the time
  21. You are not your grades - there is much more to you than an A on an exam and your happiness is not worth sacrificing for it 


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