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Sunday, 11 December 2016

The Best At Home Gel Nails

Essie Gel Couture Nail Polish Review

Essie Gel Couture Flat Lay

Essie Spool Me Over and Spiked with Style

Over the past year or so the trend amongst drugstore brands to recreate that professional gel manicure has been unmistakeable. Walking down the aisles of boots it seems as though every beauty brand has a new miracle gel nail polish, each promising perfect results. I've tried a fair few of them, from Rimmel to Barry M, and none of them have delivered.

Needless to say I was reluctant when I head that Essie were releasing their Nail Gel Couture collection. In fact I probably would have bypassed them all together had I not watched Tati speak about them in this video: World's Best Gel Nail Polish. After hearing her rave about the glossy finish and staying power I though I'd better give it a go for myself. Surprise, surprise - it didn't disappoint.

Colour Range
The colour range is particularly impressive with 25 shades ranging from dusty nudes to deep silky burgundies. I've never seen such an extensive range of colours in gel polishes so Essie have done an incredible job. You're bound to find a colour you like. I personally picked up 'spiked with style', a beautiful deep red, and 'spool me over', a pretty pale pink. I also got one of the top coats which you need to get that high-shine gel finish.

The formula is beautiful. Whilst it's never going to be as glossy as a professional manicure this is the closest I've ever come to achieving the same result. The topcoat makes your nails ultra shiny and I get compliments whenever I wear them.

The topcoat is supposedly formulated to prevent chips for up to 14 days. Personally, my manicure didn't make it that long. It lasted about a week, which, for me, is still very impressive. I usually find that I have chips within the first day or two so this is a considerable improvement. No other nail polish that I've used has been able to deliver the same lasting power.


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