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Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Podcasts You Should Listen To

2016 was the rise of the podcast. For a long time the only person I knew that listened to them was my dad and that was enough to steer me well clear of them. Spend my time listening to boring business stuff? No thank you. Then I realised that podcasts existed that I might actually be interested in with people I admired on subjects that inspired me. I gave them a go and now I'm quite the addict. I wanted to share the love by mentioning 5 of my favourite podcasts. They're all great for anyone looking to work in creative industries or those who with an interest in pop culture.

1. Get It On with Dawn O Porter
I love Dawn. She's such a cool lady and has had such an interesting career. She's a writer but also owns a vintage clothing company called BOB. In her podcast she talks to various people about their personal style in a really heartfelt and engaging way. You can tell that she's really passionate about expression through fashion and not following the crowd. The people she interviews also always seem to have both great personalities and careers which adds another layer of interest to the show. Side note: I'm also really excited for her new book, The Cows.

2. Desert Island Discs
There is such a massive bag catalogue of desert island discs episodes that can keep you going forever. There is a plethora of successful people to choose from and you often get an insight into where they come from and how they got to be where they are today. As a result it is hugely inspirational.

3. Ctrl Alt Delete with Emma Gannon 
Emma Gannon's podcast has the same name has her book, which I also love. She speaks to a huge variety of different women, mostly working in creative industries. She talks to them about their own personal journey to success but also a range of other interesting topics such as feminism, social media and mental wellbeing. I particularly loved her episodes with Estee Lalonde, Olivia Purvis and Tanya Burr.

4. Girl Boss Radio with Sofia Amoruso
I have Girl Boss Radio to thank for introducing me to the world of podcasts. Sofia Amoruso speaks to a different 'Girl Boss' in each episode about how they created their own businesses, what struggles they faced and what advice they'd give to others.  I love the way it celebrates female business successes. It's a really positive and encouraging one to listen to no matter what your career goals are.

5. Banging Book Club
Banging Book Club was created by three youtubers, Hannah Witton, Leena Norms and Lucy Moon. Every month they pick a book with themes surrounding sex and gender and discuss it together. It feels very informal and chatty, as though you're just sipping on tea and biscuits with a few pals. That being said, it still brings up interesting topics of conversation and often makes me contemplate things a lot more than I usually would on an 8am commute.

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