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Wednesday, 1 February 2017

7 Steps to Reaching your Goals

2017 is already shaping out to be very different from my previous years. I’ve taken a few new steps to help me achieve my goals for the year and have already found them really useful. They’ve made my goals part of my every day life. I always feel like I’m working towards something rather than just aimlessly getting through each day. I’ve also found that I’m a lot happier since implementing these steps. Shifting my focus on the things I want to do rather than just the things I feel I have to has made me much more positive in the past month.

Sit down and physically write down what your goals are. There’s something strangely effective about putting the ideas in your head down on paper. It makes them more concrete and you feel as though you’re contractually committed to them. Don't hold back. Write down your wildest dreams and ignore the little voice in your head telling you that it's impossible. After writing my goals down I work out how I can achieve each one. I break them down into manageable steps so I know exactly what my plan of action is for the year. As my mum always says, "the way to eat an elephant is a bit at a time". 

One of the keys in reaching your goals is actually remembering that you have goals in the first place. Life can get so hectic and busy. We have so many other obligations for other people that it can be easy to forget what we wanted to get out of our year. I stick a post-it note in my diary each week with a list of my 2017 goals. This way I see them every single day and they’re at the forefront of my mind.

Another way to create a reminder for yourself of what you’re working towards is to create a mood board. This really helps you to visualise what it is you want and can act as inspiration each day to work towards your goals.

This is by far the most important thing you can do to get you further towards achieving your goals. Every week I write down a list of what I want to achieve for that week. This makes me a lot more focused and allows me to celebrate when I achieve these smaller goals at the end of each week.

Every morning I write a to do list in my planner. One this list I include things that are vital for working towards both my weekly goals and yearly goals. For example on my to do list for one day I might write: go to the gym, write 200 words of my book or wake up at 7am. I treat these things as any other thing that I need to get done during the day. Just like my work for university, these things have to be ticked off my list.

At the end of each week or month write a few lines about each goal that you have. What have you done to work towards them? How effective have these steps been and could you change anything to get to your goals more efficiently? Reviewing what’s working and what isn’t is really useful in making sure you’re being productive with your time. It also lets you see which areas you’ve been slipping up on. You can make these areas your main focus for the next week or month.

I hope you found this post helpful in working out ways to incorporate your goals into your every day routine. I think it’s so important to be working towards something that makes you happy and I’ve found these steps really useful in doing that.



  1. Good on you for working hard towards your goals! 2017 has started off so well for me and I'm doing well with my goals so far too. Thanks for all these tips, I've noted them down and I'm sure they'll help me! x

    Always, Alice

    1. Thank you! I'm so glad that the year is starting off well for you and I hope it continues to be a great year! xx

  2. Love this post! I definitely need to create a moodboard. I feel like seeing what I want to achieve every day would make me want to work much harder towards it x


    1. Thanks Sandra, glad you found it helpful! xx


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