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Wednesday, 26 July 2017

3 Feminist Documentaries on Netflix That You Should Watch

Since the appearance of Netflix in my life a couple of years ago, I have become a bit of a documentary fiend. I love the way in which I'm able to sit down for an hour and a half and learn something completely new, with very little effort. They're an engaging and interesting way to absorb new information and question your current belief systems. Gender equality is something I'm particularly interested in as, over recent years, it seems to have become a hot topic of conversation. If it's something that you're keen to learn more about, I'd highly recommend these documentaries. 

1 // She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry
She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry examines the history of the US Women’s Liberation Movement. This is great if you’re interested in the background behind the feminist movement. It’s presented in an interesting and easily digestible way, and captures the spirit of the late 1960s movement.

2 // Miss Representation
I think this documentary excellently illustrates the sentiment that ‘you can’t be what you can’t see’. It examines why we don’t see as many women in leadership roles and the way in which the media encourages this. It looks at the way in which women are often valued for their beauty or sexuality and encourages the abolition of gendered stereotypes. I think this would be really useful for anyone who believes that women aren’t in certain professions purely because they choose not to be. It examines the causes of this ‘choice’.  Please watch it.

3 // Women’s ListIf you’re looking for some inspiration from women pushing boundaries in their field, then you’ve found it. This documentary includes conversations with 15 different women in various professions, including Alicia Keys, Madeleine Albright and Nancy Pelosi. They share anecdotes about pivotal moments in their career, often in relation to being women. There is also an introduction written and read by Toni Morrison.


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