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Monday, 17 July 2017

Apps to Raise Your Instagram Game

I love snapseed for basic editing. I always use it to up the saturation, contrast and exposure. I find the brush tool really useful for increasing the exposure in certain areas e.g. to lighten my background and get that super white look.

2 // VSCO
This is usually my go to if I want a filter. I tend to opt for A5. I also use VSCO to decrease the temperature slightly and add the tiniest pink tint. If you’re looking for a really dreamy look then the shadow and highlight tints are great to add an ethereal pinky hue. If you’re going for a theme then you can easily copy edits from your previous photos and post them on to new ones. This is a really easy way to get all your photos looking more cohesive.

If you’re really into your filters, then Colour Story is the way to go. The number of filters available is mind blowing. They can be layered on top of each other until you get exactly the look you’re going for. You can also add flare, bokeh and light leaks, if that’s your thing.

4 // PLANOLYI love using Planoly to work out what I want to post next. It allows you to plan your instagram feed by showing you how any new uploads would look in your current grid. You can move photos around and decide where they’d look best. If you have a theme, it also gives you an opportunity to check whether a photo will fit it before uploading. You can also schedule posts, which is fab if you’re looking to be more consistent.



  1. I have been loving your recent posts, girl! Just thought I'd say :) I use VSCO for editing my Instagram pictures and love it xxx


    1. Thank you so much Natalie! That has completely made my week xoxoxo

  2. A Colour Story is my favourite! I love all the flares especially. Using a planning app was probably the biggest gamechanger for me. Just wish Instagram would fix their algorithm so all the work I put into my Instagram photos would be worth it :(

    Sinéad xo Fabuleuse Du Jour

  3. I am going to have to check out these apps, anything to make my life a little easier!

    Danielle xx


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