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Sunday, 2 July 2017

In Flight Skincare Routine

flight skincare

Recently, on a long-haul flight to Thailand, I realised how much I was grabbing for my skincare whilst on the plane. The act of taking a moment for myself and popping on some moisturiser made me feel less tired and groggy. It made me feel more productive and gave me something to do other than watch an endless stream of chick flicks. The plane's recirculated air has a lack of moisture, meaning it pulls water from the top layer of your skin. These products are all geared towards putting the moisture back into it.

Moisturiser is an in-flight must-have for me. My skin is prone to getting dry meaning that flights often leave it feeling dehydrated so I like to keep on top of moisturising it.

I love taking sample sachets of serums on long flights with me. I usually get these from stores or in magazines. They’re the perfect one-use size. I love the Oskia Super 16 Serum. It always makes my skin feel really soft and nourished.

If I’ve got a long flight I like to pop on some eye cream at some point. I find that being on planes can be really dehydrating, particularly around my eye area. I’ve recently been using the Benefit It’s Potent Eye Cream.

I never tend to bother with makeup when I’m flying. If I’m feeling a bit rough after being on a long flight however, I might pop on a bit of BB cream. I find the Garnier one really moisturising. It doesn’t add much coverage but instead really evens out my skin tone.

I am newly addicted to sheet masks. I find that they instantly make my skin feel so much better. If you don’t mind looking like a bit of weirdo, I think these would be great for injecting some moisture back into your skin during a flight. I’ve been loving the Tony Moly ones.

I always remember to pop some lip balm in my carry-on bag for any flight I’m on. My lips are always getting dry and uncomfortable when I fly so when I forget lip balm it can feel like a very long flight. 

8 // SPF
If I’m going to be stepping off the plane somewhere sunny, I try to make sure I’ve got some facial SPF to hand. This way I can apply some before getting off the plane and avoid getting the burnt nose I’m prone to.



  1. I always need to pack on the hydration when I fly long haul. The Origins Drink Up Mask is my favourite for that! I also always pack sheet masks but get too embarrassed to actually use them lol.

    Sinéad xo Fabuleuse Du Jour

    1. I've heard great things about that mask, definitely need to give it a go! Hahahaha, I think it takes a certain level of confidence to whack a sheet mask on in front of a plane full of people xoxo


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