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Friday, 7 July 2017

My Favourite Perfumes

Since a young age, I've been mesmerised by perfume. As a little girl, I loved the pretty shapes and colours of the glass bottles. When I visited my grandparents, as a special treat my grandma would let me wear some of hers. I was sure that once I began wearing perfume, I would be the elegant and sophisticated woman I'd always hoped to be. Years later and this doesn't seem to be quite the case. The thought of a McDonalds after a night out makes me the happiest girl alive and I'm still incredibly attached to my teddy bear. Hardly the height of sophistication. There is a moment each morning however, when I spritz perfume on to my neck and I get a mild rush of excitement. This strange transformation takes place in matter of moments. Once I've doused myself in fragrance, I emerge a refined, chic version of myself, ready to take on the tube at rash hour in a calm and collected manner.

Many perfumes have circled in and out of my life but these are the three that have stood the test of time. Their scents have become intermingled with my self and my memories and I can't imagine ever letting them go. 

1 // Chloe by Chloe
This perfume is the one I find myself reaching for the most. I’ve been wearing it for years now, and it has become my signature scent. I’ve never repurchased a perfume in the past as I’ve always been keen to try something new. When running out of Chloe however, I was quick to buy another. This perfume is the fragrance equivalent of that one item in your wardrobe that works every time. I love wearing it all year round, from day to night, and to every, and any, occasion. Floral top notes are blended with amber and cedar to create something girly but sensual.

2 // Black Orchid by Tom Ford
Black Orchid is a far cry from the floral and fruity ether of my fragrance comfort zone. It is deep, dark and luxurious. Definitely better suited to winter nights, it has notes of bergamot, blackcurrant and jasmine. There’s something both spicy and sweet about it. It’s a very unique scent and I find that often people will recognise exactly what I’m wearing.

3 // Peony and Blush Suede Cologne by Jo Malone
I am certain that I could spend hours in Jo Malone sniffing various colognes and candles. So many of their fragrances are utterly beautiful. Peonies are my favourite flower so spritzing this when the sun is shining always puts me in a good mood. The red apple top note adds a crispness that stops the floral scent from being overpowering. This is definitely my absolute favourite during the spring and summer months.



  1. The Jo Malone and the Tom Ford one have been on my wishlist for ages.. I currently love Chloe Love and D&G The one..

    xx Lisa | lisaautumn.com

    1. They're both quite pricey but smell amazing! I'll have to give the D&G one a sniff xxx


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