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Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Tony Moly I'm Real Sheet Masks Review

I’m a little late to the sheet mask party. I’ll admit that despite rave reviews I was quite dubious about the things. I couldn’t see how they could do as good of a job as your old school face masks. I’ll stick to slapping mud on my face thank you very much. Recently however my curiosity got the better of me. I settled down for a night of Netflix and placed the sopping wet tissue on my face. Needless to say that was the start of a beautiful love story. Now I’m completely obsessed with sheet masks. I notice such a difference in my skin whenever I use them. My dry and highly textured skin is smoothed, plumped and glowing within half an hour.

This is specifically for pore care. I’m a little more dubious as to how well a sheet mask is able to pull dirt from your pores. For this kind of thing I usually go for a clay mask, which I find more effective. I still enjoyed using this and found that it did bring some spots to the surface. It also doesn’t smell like wine so safe to use on a hungover morning without invoking vomiting.

2 // ALOE
This mask is super hydrating. This would be the perfect sheet mask to take with you on holiday. It pumps moisture back into the skin leaving it feeling plump and soft. I can imagine it would be amazing if you’ve spent a bit too long in the sun and are looking like a lobster-human hybrid.

3 // RICE
This is a very gentle sheet mask to clear the skin. This would be great for sensitive skin as it’s so soothing. Not my absolute favourite but still lovely, especially if you are a bit wary about using a sheet mask due to sensitive skin.

Based on promoting elasticity, I can imagine this would be amazing for more mature skin types but, as a youthful 21-year-old, I still love this. I often enjoy using treatments geared towards mature skin as I find that they’re usually concerned with making the face look plump and glowing. Masks like this make my skin look less tired and dull and I notice a more radiant complexion almost instantly after using them.

5 // LEMON
I’m always excited to try anything that promises to brighten my skin, and boy did this deliver. After using it, I found myself constantly looking the mirror at how much of a glow it had generated. This mask would be lovely if you have some kind of event coming up that you’d like to look particularly radiant for.

Again, this is a purifying mask and I’m not entirely sure of its effectiveness. I enjoyed using if but probably wouldn’t repurchase it. Whilst the scent was very fresh and clean, I didn’t find that this made any real difference to my skin. If anything it perhaps balanced some of the oils on my face but nothing too noticeable.

This mask is one of my favourites. The packet says that it aims to add nutrition, a claim that I found a bit odd upon first reading. However, after using it I found my skin glowing and revitalised. It was as though I’d eaten nothing but vibrant greens and downed water all day long. This is so perfect for a dull lacklustre complexion. I cannot recommend it enough.

Another favourite, the tomato mask leaves your skin looking radiant and feeling hydrated. Perfect for a treat before an event (or when you’re feeling a little worse for wear the morning after).

The tea tree mask soothes the skin. It calms inflammation and redness. I find the cooling feeling of applying the mask also really helps to reduce any heat in the skin, which I often get around the rosacea on my cheeks. This is perfect if your skin is misbehaving and you need something to calm it down.

Another purifying mask, the seaweeds one claims to cleanse and refine the skin. I’m not entirely sure that this is the case but I do still enjoy using this one to calm any redness in my skin. Similar to the tea tree, I find it very cooling, but wouldn’t rush out to repurchase it.

Although it isn’t the most hydrating, I still enjoy the broccoli mask. It brightens and adds vitality to your complexion. This would perhaps be best for people who have oilier skin, and are therefore looking for less moisture, but who wish to add some radiance. Bear in mind however that often skin produces more oil to compensate for a lack of moisture.

Top 3?
Although I think taking the time to use any of these skin masks can be a treat, my favourites are the avocado, pomegranate and lemon ones.

Where to Purchase?
I bought a pack of all 11 Tony Moly I’m Real Sheet Masks from Amazon for £10.58, which works out as less than £1 per mask.


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