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Thursday, 17 August 2017

An Instagrammable Food Guide to Paris

1 // Le Procope
Open since 1686, Le Procope is the oldest Parisian restaurant in continuous operation. Rumoured haunt of Voltaire, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and Victor Hugo, you’re in good company when tucking into your escargot and crème brulee. The ice cream filled profiteroles drizzled in warm chocolate sauce are a must, as is a large carafe of wine.

2 // Mokus
Perhaps it's  to gorge on Italian food in Paris but some things are just too good to miss. The pizzas at Mokus are thin and crispy and the garlic bread comes topped with mozzarella. The maccoroni gratin with rocket salad is perfection and it'll break your heart to know that you can't swing by here every week. The selection of desserts is excellent. The best of course being a nutella pizza that’s perfect for two. Sit outside and watch the Paris traffic or sit inside and admire the neon lighting and old-style cinema boards. 

3 // Angelina’s
A trip to Paris is surely not complete without a trip to Angelina’s. You may feel a little silly ordering hot chocolate in mid-July but you’d be even sillier not to. The rumours are true, it really is the best hot chocolate Paris. For fans of the humble toilet selfie, Angelina’s is not to be missed. Think pink walls, gold trimmings and mirrors on every wall. It is an instagrammer’s paradise.

4 // Laduree
Does anything have quite the same instapower as a box of pastel coloured macarons? I suspect not. Laduree are the infamous home to these sugary morsels of delight. Dotted all over the city, there are many to choose from. My pastel green palace of choice is the one near Palais Royal. The building itself is worthy of an instagram shot, let alone what lies inside. The chocolate macarons will always be a crowd pleaser, but don’t shun the floral flavours before giving them a go. The lavendar and orange blossom are both delicate and delicious.

5 // Paris New York
If what you’re really craving is a good burger and some pinterest worthy interiors, then look no further than Paris New York. Grab yourself some cheese and bacon loaded fries, an oreo milkshake and a healthy serving of millennial pink and cacti.


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