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Wednesday, 16 August 2017

How To Survive a Long Distance Relationship

In a month’s time my (almost) 2-year long-distance relationship will be coming to an end. Rory has bagged himself a job in London and I’ll be going back there for uni. The thought of being in the same city for the first time is so exciting and makes the evenings spent missing him seem worth it. No relationship is a walk in the park but long distance comes with it’s own set of problems. When you’ll actually be able spend time with each other being the main one. That being said, I haven’t found the past couple of years heart-wrenchingly difficult. I feel like I’ve learnt how to deal with the situation pretty well and if I found out tomorrow that I had to do another two years of long distance, I would, because it’s completely worth it.

1 // Don’t Do It
My biggest tip for a long distance relationship is to avoid them unless absolutely necessary. Honestly, have a long and hard think about whether this person is the right one for you. Long distance relationships are a whole lot of work so they’d better be worth it. When actually seeing your partner requires a lot of careful planning, the chances of it working out depend entirely on how much you like them. If you’re feelings are lukewarm at best, save yourself the hassle and find a Mr. Right Now that’s in your postcode. If it’s that once in a lifetime kind of love, then it’ll work because it has to.

2 // Do Your Own Thing
Do not be one of those people that spends all day pining and whining over their significant other. They’re far away. It sucks. Get over it. Keep yourself busy, preferably with something you love. I know that when Rory’s not around, I’m far more focused. I get stuck into uni work and writing blog posts. Doing your own thing distracts you from being down in the dumps and also helps you maintain some independence and sense of self when in a relationship. I think that this is a good idea even if you’re not long distance.

3 // Planning is Key 
If possible, try not to leave your partner without knowing when you’ll next see them. Plan when you’re both able to meet again so that you both have something to look forward to and can feel comforted by the fact that you’ll see each other soon. Otherwise, the uncertainty can feel like an eternity.

4 // Talk Everyday
It never feels like too long since I’ve seen Rory because we talk every single day. We text, snapchat, facetime and tag each other in sub-par memes. Talking everyday means that neither of us ever feels out of kilter with the other’s life. It adds some normalcy and if nothing else is just nice.

5 // Trust
If you do not trust your partner 100%, get out now. This will not work. You’ll spend all of your time worrying about what he was up to last night or why he hasn’t texted you back yet. This (not always unfounded) paranoia will not only make you miserable, but will also be completely toxic to your relationship.



  1. I cannot imagine how hard it must be, it must be exciting that you are going to be close to each other!

    Danielle xx

  2. I'm in a sort of long distance relationship with my boyfriend. I moved away for uni and work and we have been together for 5 years but I do find it incredibly difficult at times. We do get to see each other almost weekly, but I'm so excited for him to move up with me! Great advice - planning and communication is key! xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x


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