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Tuesday, 12 December 2017

5 People You Need To Cut Out Of Your Life

As I've gotten older (she says at the ripe old age of 22), I've realised that, when it comes to friends and handbags,  quality is far superior to quantity. If spending time with someone negatively impacts my life, I have absolutely no problem with cutting them out. Over the past couple of years I've come to realise that these toxic relationships tend to come under one of five categories. These are the people that you need to cut out of your life ASAP. I wish that I'd have known this when I was younger. I'd have spared myself so much self-doubt and negativity if I'd avoided this 'friends' from the beginning.

It's also worth taking a good look at yourself and considering whether you fit into one of these categories. Could you be a better friend/just a happier person if you made an effort to change some of your negative qualities?

1 // The Gossiper

If the whole time you spend with someone is spent talking about other people, they need to go. It's so easy to get swept up in the drama and say harsh or judgmental things that you wouldn't normally. Even when you don't get caught up in it, this kind of friend just seems incapable of sustaining any other kind of conversation. If you find that you have a friend that only wants to badmouth other people, it's probably a good idea to cut them out. The time spent gossiping with this person could be so much better spent talking to someone who inspires you or spreads kindness and positivity. In my experience, it's also highly likely that if this friend is gossiping to you, they'll also be gossiping about you.

2 // The Pessimist 

The Moaning Minnie. The Negative Nelly. The Debbie Downer. That friend that you walk away from feeling completely drained because they've spent the last hour complaining about every miserable detail of their life. Everyone complains now and again but this friend takes it to a whole new level. They put a negative spin on absolutely everything. Even the good things are somehow a nightmare. If you consistently come away from speaking to a friend feeling hopeless and negative, it's time to let them go. Life is already tricky enough without constantly being pulled down by someone else.

3 // The Self-Involved

Unlike the gossiper, this person doesn't want to talk about anybody but themselves. Self reflection in conversation with friends can be really useful. It can help you get a better perspective on what you're doing and allows for growth and improvement. However, these types of conversations definitely need to be two-sided. I certainly don't mind talking through things with people. After all, that's what friends are for! But when someone talks only about themselves, you might have a bit of a problem. A friendship should be mutually beneficial and compassionate. If someone never asks how you're doing, cut them out.

4 // The Critic 

The Critic is the friend that puts you down. They might laugh at your dreams and goals or question your new haircut. They could be overtly harsh or just implement sly little digs. At the end of the day, a friend should always love and support you. They should fill you with confidence rather than tear you down or doubt your capabilities. If you have a friend that purposefully makes you feel small or incapable, they are not a friend. Get rid.

5 // The Social Climber 

This is the friend that seems to jump around from group to group, is best friends with everybody but lacks any real depth with anybody. They up and leave you when a better offer comes along. They make more of an effort when you're doing well. These people basically use others for their own social gain. Someone who is not there for you when times are tough or drops you for someone else whenever they feel like it is not worth your time.



  1. I could not agree with this post anymore. I haven't got time for any of these people!

    Danielle xx

  2. It's funny how you learn that life is just better without these types of people as you get older! xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x


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