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Friday, 29 December 2017

75 New Year’s Resolution Ideas

It’s my favourite time of year. Everyone’s excited to make life changes, big and small, and there’s more of a can-do attitude in the air. I know that lots of people can be cynical about new year’s resolutions but I, for one, love them. They’re a great way to refocus and work out what will bring you more happiness. I’ve made a list of 75 new year’s resolutions you might be interested in to make 2018 your best year yet!
  1. Learn a language 
  2. Drink more water
  3. Read 25 books 
  4. Travel to 5 new places 
  5. Go vegan 
  6. Learn to cook a new meal every week
  7. Take up yoga 
  8. Learn to drive 
  9. Reduce the amount of plastic you use 
  10. Start a blog
  11. Meditate every morning
  12. Improve your flexibility
  13. Write a book
  14. Run a race 
  15. Take more time offline
  16. Only buy cruelty free beauty and household products 
  17. Focus on mindfulness and becoming more positive in your outlook 
  18. Compliment someone every day
  19. Stop procrastinating 
  20. Text or call a friend or family member every day 
  21. Improve your work/life balance 
  22. Send a hand written letter every month
  23. Wake up at 5am every morning to work on your goals before the day begins 
  24. Keep a gratitude journal
  25. Start a YouTube channel 
  26. Volunteer for a charity close to your heart 
  27. Spend money on experiences, not material goods
  28. Keep a scrapbook or photo album of 2018
  29. Send more thank you cards
  30. Make three new friends 
  31. De-clutter your online space - Facebook friends, Instagram accounts you follow, email inbox, computer files
  32. De-clutter your offline space - wardrobe, makeup, kitchen etc.
  33. Save a specific amount of money
  34. Learn about nutrition and health and what fuels your body
  35. Improve your vocabulary 
  36. Be less judgmental of others
  37. Learn how to play an instrument 
  38. Take up a new sport 
  39. Conquer a fear
  40. Improve your networking skills
  41. Make a business plan
  42. Learn a new fact every day
  43. Live more minimally 
  44. Learn a new skill - photography, video editing, coding 
  45. Spend time in nature at least once a week
  46. Start bullet journaling 
  47. Be more aware of your money by logging all your income and payments
  48. Take an hour a week to do something creative
  49. Give up fizzy drinks or caffeine 
  50. Improve your posture
  51. Learn to do the splits 
  52. Tidy and clean for 15 minutes every day
  53. Write and produce a song
  54. Spend less money on food - those Pret lunches and Starbucks coffees add up! 
  55. Get a qualification in something - makeup artistry, flower arranging, event management 
  56. Listen to more podcasts 
  57. Meal prep your meals for the week
  58. Save 25% of your pay every month 
  59. Take on board criticism and actively use it to improve yourself 
  60. Take a photo every day of 2018
  61. Learn how to adult - pick a task every week to learn about e.g. taxes, standing orders, mortgages
  62. Be kinder to yourself 
  63. Stop gossiping 
  64. Be more organised 
  65. Learn how to public speak
  66. Use the leap second app every day to make a video of your 2018
  67. Be more confident 
  68. Raise money for charity 
  69. Finish university essays a week before the deadline
  70. Go to bed earlier
  71. Do 10,000 steps every day
  72. Support local businesses rather than chains
  73. Be more punctual 
  74. Go on more dates 
  75. Make your mental health a priority



  1. I love this! So many fab ideas here. I want to read more this year and also want to join a running club and do a half marathon :) xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

  2. This is such a good blog post idea here and you have mentioned so many incredible ideas, I am going to have to make my resolution list a touch longer!

    Danielle xx


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