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Sunday, 18 February 2018

Inspirational Content #2: Feminism, Happiness and Motivational Books

It's Sunday! Which means it's time for a round up of my favourite content of the week. This weeks list includes TED Talks, articles, documentaries and instagram accounts.

1 // 'What Makes A Good Life? Lessons From The Longest Study on Happiness' TED Talk by Robert Waldinger

Whenever I'm doing cardio (which is a bit of a strong word for the slow pace at which I tackle the cross trainer but we'll roll with it), I prefer podcasts or speeches to music. I find that they distract me better and I usually learn something new, which is always exciting. This week, I listened to a talk by Robert Waldinger. He discusses the importance of human connection and relationships in creating happiness.

2 // Career Girl Daily - 6 Incredibly Motivating Books Recommended By Successful Women

Because who doesn't want to know what Beyonce and Emma Watson are reading? This gave me a few extra books to add to my reading list, particularly What Will It Take to Make A Woman President?: Conversations About Women, Leadership, and Power by Marianne Schnall. It also made me laugh that Maria Hatzistefanis (founder of Rodial), recommended her own book. Can't grudge her a bit of shameless self promotion, eh?

3 // The Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution Documentary

I was compelled to watch this after one of my recent Beyonce lectures. Yes, I take a class on Beyonce. I realised how little I actually knew about the Black Panthers. They were completely omitted from any of my classroom education concerning race, which primarily focused on Martin Luther King Jr. I found this documentary a both entertaining and informative. It's also readily available on Netflix!

4 // We Should All Be Feminists TED Talk by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Another Beyonce fuelled find. I realised, when were talking about this speech in class, that it had been years since I last watched it. I'd forgotten how funny it was. She made me laugh multiple times throughout and still managed to make a statement that has generated heaps of discussion.  If, somehow, you haven't already watched it, I would highly recommend.

5 // Amanda Finnie @amandafinniee

Amanda's instagram feed serves up some serious fitspiration. Her body is incredible and you can tell she works really hard on progressing and staying strong. I'm pretty sure she's also vegan, which just goes to show you don't need meat to make booty gains.

6 // Bringing Up Baby: My First Family Holiday by Nell Frizell 

'As I settled my baby in the thick black darkness of a country night, as I bathed his tiny body in the stainless-steel sink and as I fed him on a sofa that smelled of Ambi Pu and other people's trousers, I realised that, for him, I am home.' I stumbled across this article by accident one day when scrolling the Vogue website. I loved Nell Frizell's writing style and have since found out that 'Bringing Up Baby' is a series, so there's lots more to enjoy. Also, how beautiful are Ruth Lewis' illustrations?!


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