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Sunday, 4 March 2018

Inspirational Content #4: Body Confidence and My New Favourite Book

1 // The Most Empowering Feminist Books: 35 Women Pick Their Favourite Reads, Sarah Biddlecombe for Stylist Magazine

I follow Stylist Magazine on Twitter and often find myself clicking on their articles. This particular one includes a list of books that celebrate womanhood. So if you're looking for some feminist reading inspo or are just interested to see what some of your own favourite authors recommendations are, this is a quick and easy read! Highlights include Rhyannon Styles, Daisy Buchanan and Laura Bates approved reads.

2 // Tin Man by Sarah Winman  

You know those books that you just wish you could put into the hands of every person you've ever met? This is one of those books. I've been meaning to read this book for the longest time. It's rare that I hear nothing but good things about a novel but I'm yet to find a single person who didn't love Tin Man. In fact, I'm yet to find someone who hasn't declared it one of the best things ever written. My god, was this superb. It's only March and I'm 98% certain that nothing else I read this year will top it. The remaining 2% is really only an attempt at optimism. I don't think I have ever loved characters more. And I've definitely never found a writer who can capture human emotion as beautifully as Sarah Winman does. Have tissues at the ready.

3 // Embrace Documentary

If you follow me on Instagram, you'll probably already know that my flight to Mexico was cancelled on Saturday and rescheduled for Monday. This meant that I had two days of boredom to fill in Philadelphia before I could meet my friends in the sunshine. To fill the time I started scrolling the documentary section of Netflix and stumbled upon this gem. It jumped out at me after hearing other people talk about it recently. I decided this was the universe's way of telling me I should really give it a watch. So, I did. Embrace is such an empowering documentary. It looks at why women suffer from such poor body image and attempts to suggest how we can change this. Taryn Brumfitt is such a babe and her story is both relatable and inspirational.

4 // @asypnovard Instagram Account 

I used to watch Apyn's youtube videos when I was younger but lost touch with what she was up to for a few years. I recently rediscovered her instagram account and fell completely in love. Her photography and editing is absolutely beautiful. I love the colours and themes she uses.



  1. This is such a great post, I love the positivity around it!

    Danielle xx


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