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Sunday, 1 April 2018

Inspirational Content #6: Happiness Over Success, Yoga and Heartbreak

1 // Nutrition Diva Podcast

I found this podcast after searching 'nutrition' on a whim. Each episode answers a different question such as, 'what is seitan?' and 'what to eat to prevent the flu'. The episodes are much shorter than the other podcasts I listen to, usually between 10 and 20 minutes long. This makes them a perfect listen for the walk to the shop or when you're doing your makeup in the morning.

2 // Getting Over A Breakup And Going Through Heartbreak, The Elle Next Door

I loved watching the video that Ellie put up this week about going through a break up. I found it so refreshing and heartfelt and just wanted to give her a massive hug.

3 // 12 Things That Wouldn't Exist Without Women, Nancy Einhart

Turns out we owe a lot to women?! Who would've guessed that 50% of the population could be responsible for the things we know and love?! These wonderful inventions include beer and wifi.

4 // How To Turn Your Current Job Into Your Dream Job, Jennifer Rose Smith

This article gives a number of super practical tips on getting the most out of your job. Sometimes, particularly as women, we need a little push to remind us that it's okay to be bold in the workplace. I love this piece for that reason.

5 // Why I Chose Happiness Over Success, Carly Rowena 

I feel so happy for Carly at the moment. She seems to be so bubbly and full of light. Here she talks about letting go of all the things that no longer serve her and focusing on the things that make her truly happy.

6 // @jessicaolie

I find Jessica's Instagram feed completely mesmerising. Watching her do handstands and forward folds and stretching her body is so inspiring. Her posts always include such thoughtful captions and reading them creates a little space of peace in my day.


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