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Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Finding Creative Inspiration: Top Tips

'I'm waiting for inspiration to strike' 

Has it ever struck you how odd this is phrase is? As though, if we stand in the same spot long enough, a lightning bolt will finally knock us down. That rather than something buried within ourselves, creativity and inspired thought are completely out of our control. This odd expression seems to imply that so long as we wait long enough and hope hard enough, they will just appear.

Thinking about it, I struggle to recall a single time that this has actually been the case. Not once has an idea knocked on my door uninvited. In fact, all of my creative ideas have been a direct result of me seeking them out, following my interests and stepping outside of routine.

So why do we continue to play to this idea of inspiration 'striking'? Because it's easier. If it's something that happens by pure luck, then it's out of our control. By ignoring our responsibility, we can take out all the hard work. And if we never have a great idea or become successful, it's not our fault, it's just bad luck. Realising that this isn't the case can be scary but also pretty exciting. It means that when we're feeling stuck, we can do something about it. It gives us some control. These are the places I go whenever I'm hunting down creative thought.

1 // Read Something

When reading, I always listen to my gut. I don't just pick what I think I 'should' read. Instead, I follow my interests. Whatever I feel like reading at that moment is exactly what I need to be reading. This might be a children's novel that immerses my brain in an imaginative world. Or perhaps, it's a non-fiction book about an area I'm interested in at the moment. You're much more likely to engage in creative thought if you're excited by what you're reading. Feed your brain with whatever you feel it needs at that precise moment. This goes for any kind of information. Perhaps you'd prefer to listen to a podcast or watch a documentary. Do whatever feels good to you.

2 // Get Out of Your Routine

If I've been lacking inspiration by sitting in my room for the past week, what makes me think that I'll find it by doing the exact same thing again the next week? Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Getting out of my normal routine means seeing, hearing, smelling, experiencing new things. And new things are where the magic happens. So, it doesn't matter what it is, just do something different, something you don't usually do. 

3 // Go Somewhere New

Speaking of new, I always find that in a new place my imagination runs wild. There's so many exciting things around me that my brain starts going into overdrive. Whilst a holiday to Bali might be just the thing you need to get those juices flowing, it's not always the most practical option. Visiting a new town, city, cafe or museum is an easier and cheaper way to get your fix of new surroundings. 

4 // Talk to People

This is something we're all already doing anyway. We go through life talking to people every day. But how interesting are these conversations? How thoughtful are they? I try to make an effort to have 'big' conversations, about topics other than the weather or gossip. It helps me understand new ideas and opinions whilst consolidating my own. Often I think about these conversations for weeks after. They inspire me to find out more about certain topics or make me feel passionately about a certain issue. 

5  // Release Your Inner Child

Do you remember when you were younger and you used to create things just for fun? I remember writing stories, painting, making dance routines and performing songs, all for the pure fun of it. I never considered whether it was a waste of my time or if it would make me money. I just created for the joy of it. When did I stop doing that? Playing games with children always brings back that ability to think creatively, to come up with crazy stories without the pressure of adult life and bills. 

6 // People Watch

People watching is one of my favourite things to do (not a creep, I promise). I love sitting in a cafe with a cup of tea and a nosy mind. The way people speak, interact, dress, move can all spark interesting creative thought. It reminds me that everyone else is living a completely different life to my own and how endless the possibilities are for emotion and human experience.

Where do you seek creative inspiration?


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  1. I love nothing more than people watching, I find it ever so relaxing and a little nosey, but I love it!

    Danielle xx


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