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Wednesday, 30 May 2018

June Goals

Another month down and what a month it's been! I am loving 2018 so far. I spent the majority of May travelling around New York and Boston with Rory. We ate lots of delicious food and packed in as much exploring as we possibly could (you can see the photos on my instagram @emmakatehall). I'm now back home and loving spending time with my family and friends. June is set to be much more slow-paced but I'm taking it as an opportunity to focus on building good habits, something I found difficult to do when travelling around.

1 // Publish Three Blogposts A Week 
So I've been very very lazy for the past month. I spent a lot of it travelling around the US and since coming back have spent most of my time washing clothes, clearing out my bedroom and visiting my boyfriend in London. I had actually prepared for this mayhem by writing blogposts in advance. But it seems I was even too lazy to open my laptop and click the publish button. This isn't something that I'm angry at myself for. I've had a wonderful month spending time with loved ones that I haven't seen since January and have no regrets. However, I've really missed blogging. It's something that makes me so happy and excited. I can't wait to get stuck into again this month and have already planned out my content.

2 // Get Back In The Gym
Travelling and getting back home also put a hold on my workouts. I had got into a solid routine of exercising as soon as a I woke up in the morning and I've missed that structure and feeling of accomplishment. The goal for June is to join the gym and workout five times a week.

3 // Cook New Things 
This is something I've already been doing for the past week or so. When studying abroad, I was forced to be on a dining plan, which meant I had to eat whatever was available in the canteen. I'm loving being back home with a proper kitchen for cooking and car that makes it easy to buy lots of ingredients. So far I've tried a few new recipes: carrot cake muffins, vegan mac and cheese and beetroot soup. I'd love to keep this up throughout June.

4 // Write More 
Now that I'm settled back in one place, my main goal is to start writing. I love working on something creative. It makes me so excited to wake up every morning. I'm definitely craving that feeling after going a month without it.

5 // Reach My Reading Goal For The Year 
My original reading goal for 2018 was 50, however I'm currently on my 44th book.  I'm not entirely sure how this has happened but I'm very happy about it. I'd love to reach my original goal by the end of the month and set myself a new overall target of 75. I've got some great books lined up, so I'm very excited to get reading.

6 // Give Blood 
I realised this week that the last (and only) time I donated blood was 4 years ago! I definitely want to change that this month with a further goal of donating on a regular basis throughout the year.

What are your goals for June?



  1. I love monthly goals, mine are going live next week! Vegan mac and cheese sounds amazing, definitely one to add on my cooking list xxx


    1. Thanks Natalie! Can't wait to give it a read xoxo

  2. Get back into the gym is a big thing for me too, hopefully I will find some motivation this month!

    Danielle xx

    1. Yes! You can do it girl! Joined yesterday and went first thing this morning and feeling so good for it xx


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