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Thursday, 14 June 2018

10 Things Study Abroad Taught Me

1 // People Are Ultimately Kind 

There were so many occasions, particularly when travelling alone, where people were unbelievably kind. They helped me find where I needed to go, engaged in friendly conversation and gave me smiles and hugs. I'm convinced that despite the terrible things that happen every day, the majority of people in this world are good and kind, which is a very reassuring thought.

2 // Being Alone is Good For Me

I've always been a bit of an introvert but I realised when I left all of my friends and family behind just how useful being alone can be. Being completely alone from my loved ones felt scary at times but it also gave me an opportunity to really assess myself without being distracted by other people's opinions. I got a good idea of what I liked and disliked about myself and was able to really focus in on my values and what I want in life.

3 // Drinking Isn't For Me

Something I've sort of known for a while but only really properly admitted to when I was abroad - I don't actually like drinking. I don't like the feeling of my head spinning. I don't like the taste of alcohol. I don't like the way I act when I drink and I don't like the way I feel the next day. I've always thought that this might make me boring or that people would think I'm weird. Now I'm just really not bothered. Whilst I might have the occasional cocktail or glass of Pimms every now and again, for the most part I've said goodbye to alcohol.

4 // Doing Scary Things Is Fun 

I'm not sure that anything beats the feeling of doing something you're scared of. It feels so incredible to realise that you've overcome a fear. Now I'm keen to push myself to do all sorts of scary things.

5 // Positive Thinking is Life Changing 

When I was away I made a real effort to change my mindset. It's probably been the best thing I've ever done for myself. Focusing on the positive has made me much kinder to both myself and those around me. I feel super happy on a daily basis and my confidence has grown enormously.

6 // I Want To Live Abroad

After getting a taste for living in a completely new place, I know that it's something that I'm dying to do again. I loved the constant excitement of experiencing new things and am craving it already now that it's gone. I've already spent hours googling how I can move to Australia.

7 //  I Feel Secure in my Relationship

Apologies, this is a bit soppy. But moving thousands of miles away from the person you love can be tough. It really cemented for me how strong our relationship is and how lucky I am to have him. I feel like after having time away from Rory, I appreciate him so much more. I also know that I'm with him because I want to be, not out of habit or because it feels like the easier option.

8 // There Is More To Life Than School

Good grades are all well and good, and they'll probably always be important to me, but they're not the be all and end all. Sometimes you've got to go concerts instead of writing essays or enjoy the sunshine with friends instead of doing your reading. Life is for living and sometimes those little happy moments need to take priority.

9 // It Doesn't Matter What People Think 

When you know that you probably won't ever see the majority of people again, it becomes a lot easier to stop caring what they think of you. I realised that I was placing too much value on other's opinions of myself, even those that I didn't really know. Studying abroad highlighted how ridiculous that is. Now that I'm back, I've managed to continue with this disregard for what others think of me. As long as I'm living a life that makes me happy and fulfilled, that's all that matters.

10 // You'll Never Know If You Never Try

I very nearly didn't apply to the University I studied abroad at. It's very prestigious and I thought I was kidding myself to even dream of getting a place there. Not only did I get in there but I also found the work surprisingly easy! Now I'm kicking myself for all of the opportunities I might have passed up in life because I thought there was no point in even trying. I'd much rather try and fail than have never given it a go.


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