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Friday, 15 June 2018

Inspirational Content #11: Growth Mindset and Chasing Your Dreams

1 // Taking Back Your Power Podcast with Isabel Palacios

Isabel has a great outlook on life. She's very positive and has an impressive work ethic. I loved her podcast on 'Chasing Your Dreams and Motivation'. I also find her voice so incredibly soothing to listen to, so every episode is always a treat.

2 // Sonny

Last week I went to a gig in London where Sonny was the support act. I was blown away not only by his incredible voice, but also his talent for songwriting. His songs make for perfect Sunday morning listening, particularly when partnered with pancakes. My particular favourites are 'Wage A War' and 'Yesterday's Gone'.

3 // @instagabie

I found Gabie's instagram recently and have been absolutely loving it. She's got such a sunny positive outlook on life that's so infectious. Whenever I see her pop up on my feed, it makes me smile.

4 // Master Your Mindset: 7 Shifts and Habits with Lavendaire

Eileen discusses the importance of mindset in curating your dream life and the 7 shifts that are vital to make if we want to see big changes. This video really hammers home how much of an impact our thoughts and beliefs can have on our success. It encouraged me to stop sabotaging my own progress with limiting thought patterns.

5 // 5 Steps To Achieve A Growth Mindset By The Year's End by Susan Hang 

A perfect accompaniment to Eileen's video, in this post Susan walks you through the best ways you to change your mindset. I love the way she breaks it down into manageable chunks and makes shifting your thought patterns practical and simple.


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  1. I love these posts, they are ever so uplifting!

    Danielle xx


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