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Friday, 8 June 2018

Instagram Guide to New York: Food and Drink

One of the main reasons that I chose to study abroad in Philadelphia was that it was so close to New York. I could hop on a megabus and be there within 2 hours for just $15, a deal I made the most of during my time in America. I visited the big apple five times whilst I was out there so got a pretty good feel for the city. I feel so lucky to have be able to explore it on multiple occasions, as there's just so much to do. If you're planning on visiting, I'd definitely recommend turning up with a game plan!

I originally intended to write one big blogpost on my favourite Instagram spots in NYC but soon realised that I had far too many for just one post. So instead I've decided to make this into a mini series. Today I'm talking about all the beautiful food spots that look perfect on the gram, including plenty of sweet treats, pretty cocktails and, of course, millenial pink. Lookout for the other instalments, including murals, shops, tourist spots and film locations, in the coming weeks.

Jack's Wife Freda

This a crowd pleaser for brunch and is only very small, so I'd highly recommend going on a weekday! Sundays come with a very long wait time. The yellow awning and slogan sugar packs are adorable, whilst the rosewater waffles are both beautiful and delicious.

Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream

This place is a dream on a hot summer's day. It has lots of vegan flavours, as well as your standard dairy fare. I am currently drooling over my laptop at the thought of the scoop of peanut butter I inhaled whilst I was there. The decor is very vintage with beautiful gold foiled writing on the windows. They do a black sesame ash flavour that comes in a gorgeous gothic black.

Pietra Nolita

A standard now on the bloggers grids, this all-pink italian restaurant is the perfect pop of colour. Graffiti hearts, pink coffee cups and a neon sign. What more could you want?

While We Were Young

This is the pastel, marble place of interior dreams. A pinterest board come to life, think gold bar stools, blush velvet sofas and white wood panelling. The cocktails here are works of art.


Sprinkles Cupcake ATM

A well-known favourite by now. Grab yourself a photo (and a cupcake) by the cash machine that dispenses sweet treats.

Jajaja Plantas Mexicana

A great vegan mexican restaurant with delicious tacos, enchiladas and burritos. A gorgeous sign proclaiming 'tacos are for lovers' sits outside and colourful tiles and mint green seats make up the interiors.

By Chloe

With multiple locations across the city, it's not too hard to stumble across a By Chloe. It can get very busy but the line moves quickly so don't be too put off if you're greeted by the biggest queue you've ever seen. Instagram-friendly menu choices include the black out smoothie, a fresh coconut, mac and cheese or a stack of pancakes. Make sure to get a picture of the neon signs found on the walls at each location!

Cha Cha Matcha

For that perfect combination of forest green and millenial pink, Cha Cha Matcha is the place to go. Grab yourself a matcha latte decorated with a palm tree and a napkin saying 'I love you so matcha'.


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  1. This is such a great blog post. Whenever I go to New York I like to see how much Italian food I can eat in the time that I’m there!

    Danielle xx


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