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Tuesday, 4 September 2018

The Best Year of My Life: Third Year Uni Experience

September is perhaps my favourite month of the year. For me, a soon-to-be-23-year-old that is still in education, it holds just as much promise of possibility and fresh starts as January 1st. I love finding out my timetable, making reading lists and getting excited about the academic year ahead. This September marks my fourth and final year at university. I've got no clue where all that time has gone. It feels like just yesterday that I was a nervous fresher moving to the big city.

Recently I've been obsessing over Phoebe Slee's youtube channel. I've binge watched pretty much everything she's ever made and have been particularly enjoying her videos about her university experience. I think it's a lovely way to look back on the previous year before embarking on a new one, so I made my own. I took a look at my modules, good and bad, my living situation, my friends and my experience studying abroad. Third year was a completely life changing year for me and I'm so excited to see what final year has in stall.


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