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I'm Emma, a 23-year old gal studying and living in London. I spend most of my days either in the library, cramming for a seminar, or treating myself to a spot of brunch with my favourite people. I'm a lover of early mornings, yoga classes, writing, peanut butter and plyometrics. 


What is my diet like? 
I like to eat a plant-based diet, so no animal products and focusing on whole-plant foods (with less processed foods). That being said, my diet is very balanced, and I still eat all the foods I love - chocolate, cookies, ice cream, the lot! I've found that this way of eating has been amazing for my mood and my health, but there are so many ways to eat a healthy diet, so do what works for you! 

How often do I workout? 
I tend to workout 5 days a week. However, this can vary massively. Sometimes I don't just don't feel like exercising, and don't go all week. Other times I'll be in the gym 6 times a week. No matter what, I try to move my body every single day - be that with a walk or some yoga. 

What are my favourite workouts?

I love mixing my workouts up and find that this is what keeps me excited to get to the gym. My favourite workouts tend to be bodyweight plyometric style workouts but I also do weight training and high intensity interval training every week. 


Fitness Instagram - @fitbyemmakate
Personal Instagram - @emmakatehall
Snapchat - @emma_katehall
Twitter - @emmakatehall

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